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Podcast News: Facebook and Patreon

This has been a busy time for us. Jim1537 is working to put the finishing touches on his next book. We’ve been busy working behind the scenes on podcast related projects.  We now have a couple of announcements to share:

Facebook: We have created Facebook pages for both Jim1537 and for the podcast! They are still very  bare bones, but we will be posting more over the next few weeks and getting them into shape, LOL! Please feel free to drop by, say hello, give us a like and leave us a comment. We would love to connect with you! ♥

Patreon: We have had a lot of feedback asking for more than one episode a month. We would love to do that, but it means less time for making a living to as well as increased direct costs (hosting, etc.). In order to accomplish the goal of providing more content monthly, we have started a Patreon account. Here’s our video explaining why we we need your support:

If you would like to support what we are doing, please check out our podcast Patreon page.

So , what do you think? Leave us a comment!