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Episode 11: Making Sense of Your Emotions

In this episode, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, talk about how to make sense of your emotions and how they dramatically impact your spiritual journey.

In this episode:

  • The human struggle with emotions
  • The tendency to take our emotions too seriously
  • The relationship between emotional intensity and reality
  • The connection between emotions and karma
  • Viewing our emotions as positive or negative
  • Separating intuition and emotion
  • Understanding our emotional tape loops
  • And much, much, more….

For all of us, to be human means to struggle with emotions.  In fact, much of our sense of self-perception and identity is based on our emotions. Examining the interplay between how our emotions and our thoughts tie into our karma and our overall spiritual evolution helps us master those emotions, make better choices and ultimately, foster a perspective of non-attachment.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Osho,  EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

Jim1537, Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

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About Jim1537:

Jim1537 is an experienced psychic, spiritual medium, teacher and life coach who has provided personal consultations for over thirty years. His most recent book is When Our Pets Leave Us: Animals in the Spirit World.His first book, Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You, is also available as an e-book. To learn more about Jim and his gifts, visit jim1537.com. Jim also shares his insights on Twitter,  Tumblr, Instagram and Google+.

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